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For an introduction to the practice of Zen, see:

  • Questions to a Zen Master, by Taisen Deshimaru (available through An online version is available here. See also Deshimaru's The Way of True Zen, an edited version of his essential teaching, also available through Amazon.
  • Opening the Hand of Thought, by Kosho Uchiyama. Written by a disciple of Kodo Sawaki, this book contains an excellent description of shikantaza Zen practice.
  • Buddha Takes No Prisoners, by Patrick Ophuls. Although written by a practitioner of Insight Meditation, this is an excellent introduction to practice. See Tony's review here.
  • The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo, edited with commentary by Kosho Uchiyama. Unfortunately, this little gem is out of print, but several of the chapters are available here.